Right: Library speaker Jerry Leitner discusses the gospel of Mary Magdala, a Common Ground program, in October. Due to its size, the group gathered in James Parlor, on the second floor of 77 W. Washington St. for this program. 
"The best consideration of God's role in tragedy from a traditional perspective that I have ever read."–Rabbi Harold Kushner 

Events & Programs

Programs at the Swedenborg Library are open to the public. Aside from the Common Ground programs, for which we collect a fee for Common Ground, we appreciate whatever free will offering you would like to make for your attendance. 
Wednesday, November 26, 2018 / 2-3:30 pm
Book Group Discussion: "Why Does God Let It Happen" by Bruce Henderson
The Library's Book Group will be discussing "Why Does God Let It Happen" by Bruce Henderson.  

In the wake of life-changing events, the first question that springs to mind is "Why?" Why do good people suffer pain and loss? Why does God allow these things to happen?

In this simple, straightforward book, Bruce Henderson tackles some of the most difficult questions that people of faith face in their lives. He describes a universe in which God allows us free will and choice, subtly guiding the course of our lives with an insight no mortal can comprehend. Pain and suffering ultimately lead to good, and as we walk the path, we draw ever closer to heaven. 

Copies of the book are available on loan from the Swedenborg Library. Stop in Wednesdays or Fridays from 1-5 pm to pick one up, or contact us at info@swedlib.org to have the book mailed to you. 

Date & Time: Wednesday, November 28, 2-3:30 pm
Location: Swedenborg Library, 17th floor,  77 W. Washington St., Chicago.
Fee: None.  
The Swedenborg Library is the downtown Chicago satellite for COMMON GROUND. Originally conceived as a forum for ecumenical talks on religious topics, Common Ground's offerings have expanded to include a wide array of spiritual, cultural, economic, and history programs. Common Ground celebrates its 45th anniversary in 2018. For information on its programs held in suburban Deerfield, Illinois and other locations, visit: COMMON GROUND

 Common Ground programs which will be held at the Swedenborg Library are shown below: