Right: Library speaker Jerry Leitner discusses the gospel of Mary Magdala, a Common Ground program, in October. Due to its size, the group gathered in James Parlor, on the second floor of 77 W. Washington St. for this program. 
Upcoming this Autumn:
Julia Bachrach, former historian for the Chicago Park District, will discuss Swedenborg's philosophical impact on architect Daniel Burnham and landscape architect Swain Nelson on Thursday, September 17 from 7-8:30 PM. Save the date!

Upcoming Events & Programs

Connecting to the Internet from Home, via a smartphone
WEDNESDAY, JULY 1, 2020 / 2-3:30 PM
Did you spend the Covid-19 stay-at-home period isolated from the Internet? 

Don't have cable TV or a modem at home? Even without paying for those services, there are ways that you can bring access to the Internet into your home affordably. 

Join Karen Feil for a discussion of options for using non-contract smart phones to access the Internet, send and answer email, text message, view Facebook posts, read current news, and watch videos. 

Be prepared for the next stay-at-home order! 

This is an education-only program; there will not be any devices for sale - you'll be able to find those afterwards online or at Target.

Date/Time: Wednesday, July 1; 2-3:30 PM
Location: Swedenborg Library, 17th floor,
77 W. Washington St., at Clark St.
Fee: None; freewill offering accepted. 

WEDNESDAY, JULY 29, 2020 / 2-3:30 PM
Valentine by Elizabeth Wetmore
Chicago author Elizabeth Wetmore has struck a chord with her debut novel, Valentine. Join the Book Group for a discussion on July 29.

From GoodReads:
Valentine is a haunting exploration of the intersections of violence and race, class and region in a story that plumbs the depths of darkness and fear, yet offers a window into beauty and hope. Told through the alternating points of view of indelible characters who burrow deep in the reader’s heart, this fierce, unflinching, and surprisingly tender novel illuminates women’s strength and vulnerability, and reminds us that it is the stories we tell ourselves that keep us alive.

Copies of Valentine are available in the Swedenborg Library. We will discuss it on:

Wednesday, July 29, 2020
2-3:30 PM
In the Swedenborg Library.
Save the Date!
Thursday, September 17, 2020 / 7-8:30 PM
Swedenborg's Influence on Chicago Landscape Architect Swain Nelson with Julia Bachrach
Julia Bachrach, former historian for the Chicago Park District, will discuss Swedenborg's philosophical impact on landscape architect Swain Nelson on Thursday, September 17 from 7-8:30 PM. Save the date!

Born in Fjälkestad, in southern Sweden, Nelson apprenticed with the head gardener at Vanås, the estate of Count Wachtmeister, before immigrating to America in 1852 with his cousin Olof Benson. After working briefly in Defiance, Ohio, the two men moved to Chicago in 1855, where Nelson laid out the roads of Graceland Cemetery. In 1865 the City of Chicago hired him to implement his plans for Union and Lincoln Parks, and Nelson opened a nursery near the latter, importing trees from England and Scotland. The family belonged to the Swedenborgian Church, and in 1893 Swain Nelson & Sons planned a community for the church’s congregants in (what later became) Glenview, Illinois, relocating the nursery onto land adjacent to it.  

Julia S. Bachrach is an award-winning author, historian, preservationist, and urban planner. She served as historian and planning supervisor to the Chicago Park District for more than two decades. Her books include The City in a Garden: A History of Chicago’s Parks and Inspired by Nature: The Garfield Park Conservatory and Chicago’s West Side. She contributed essays to AIA Guide to Chicago Architecture, Oxford Companion to the Garden, Midwestern Landscape Architecture, and Encyclopedia of Chicago.